Inner Peace, Any Place

group of business people in the streetHere it is! MY FIRST BLOG!!

I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but here in the west I can confidently say that the majority of our culture is incredibly ‘busy.’ We’re often so ‘busy’ that tending to our own well-being is forgotten about, put at the bottom of our list of priorities, or simply overridden by a never ending number of tasks and activities we feel can’t wait.

Balancing all of the aspects of our full lives is far from easy. We’ve got jobs, spouses, partners, friends, relatives, pets, business meetings, conferences, deadlines, laundry, cooking, cleaning, traveling, shopping, holidays, kids – OMG! – their endless activities, football games, brunch, cocktail hour, dinner parties, weekend getaways, racquetball, cross-fit, power yoga class, and on and on…

What do all of these things have in common? A lot of DO-ing! Generally we’re either planning where we are going next or on our way there. And there’s usually a lot of multi-tasking involved – phone calls/emails/text messages, eating on the run, etc… I’m exhausted and anxious just writing this!

At last, when the day is over, we can kick our feet up, turn our brains off, binge watch a few episodes of Mad Men or Downton Abbey, pass out, or lay there with a racing mind and drift in and out of an un-restful sleep for the next 6 hours – and start it all over again.

What results from this sort of busy lifestyle? A lack of ability to sloooww dooowwwn – both mind AND body. An inability to be fully present to what or who is in front of you, to the messages and warning signals your body sends out, and to the fact that you haven’t taken a full exhale since yesterday…

Does this sound like you?

When you can’t slow down, there’s no time to feel completely at peace. There’s an incessant underlying sense of urgency, that keeps the body/mind in fight/flight mode which really takes a toll on the nervous system and other systems of the body.

Busy = stress. Too much stress without any truly restorative down-time = dis-ease, be it mental, emotional, or physical and can show up in a number of ways: insomnia, nervous breakdowns, depression, anxiety, constantly getting sick, headaches, high blood pressure, worn out joints, low energy, impatience, ulcers, poor digestion, wrinkles (ugh!), etc. And this often leads to a domino effect of MORE stress: bills, appointments, doctor visits, frustration, and the list goes on! Who has time for that?!?! Ugh.

The great new is – you can take charge and often prevent the first domino from falling. And more great news – you DON’T have to change your entire life or make huge sacrifices in order to bring in – little by little – the practice of slowing down – which, in turn brings in longer and longer periods of inner peace. And inner peace results in improved health, and a more and more effortless ability to be at ease amidst stress. Countless studies have been done on meditation and mindfulness practices and they continue to result in improved mental, physical, and emotional health AND performance.

The key word is practice.

The practice and effects of slowing down the mind and body are cumulative and there is NO better time than now to begin your practice. There are soooo many different ways to create new patterns of peace and steadiness in the mind – do 5 minutes of focused breathing or guided meditation each day, how about a 20-minute slow yoga practice, a 15 minute walk in the sunshine, maybe a quite bath each night with a cup of your favorite tea, the list goes on and on and the benefits are astounding: lowered blood pressure, better sleep, stronger immune system, increased libido, a sense of calm, inspiration, clarity, motivation, steady energy, more patience, and what’s best? A desire for more.

As you begin to rewire your brain and nervous system, it’ll become incrementally easier to intentionally calm them down, you’ll become more and more in control of your emotions, focus better, become more able to tune out the extra noise, and tune IN to your most calm and centered place. From here, things just flow smoother and your experience of life is much more enjoyable.

You’ll be a lot more pleasant to be around too 😉

Yes, you truly can ‘experience inner peace, any place.’ That is the goal, and it IS achievable. How do I know all of this? I’ve learned through experience. I’ve lived it (minus the kids – my 4 businesses took the place of them). I spent many years being soooo ‘busy,’ my health declined, all areas of my life were affected, and it sucked.

I’ve learned a ton over the past 15+ years. I’ve turned my declining mental, physical, and emotional health around little by little and now experience more peace, clarity, energy, and inspiration than I ever could have imagined.

Thank goodness! And it’s all led me here. Doing what I love most, helping people to enjoy their journey to wellness.

Looking forward to meeting you,
Nikki Aiello
Your Guide to Wellness

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