Private Yoga Instruction

Private Yoga

If you are new to yoga, have a busy and ever shifting schedule, or would simply rather practice yoga in a private space – this is a great option.  Working one-on-one is ideal for learning proper alignment and modifications that are perfect for you in order to get the most out of your practice and prevent injury. We can also focus on specific areas you want to work on or toward specific goals.

A wonderful experience to share with your partner. We all know how sharing a commitment helps us to stay accountable and motivated, but with yoga – it’s even more than that. Witnessing the profound effects yoga can have not only on you, but on another, is very special.

Can be any combination or all of the following:
*  Alignment focused physical practice
*  Pranayama (breathing techniques)
*  Meditation
*  Yin (deep stretching / long holds)
*  Restorative Yoga
*  Yoga Nidra (restorative guided relaxation)
*  Intro to the philosophy/science of Yoga


At So Hum:
1 hour sessions
Individual / Couple
(1) – $80 / $120
(5) – $375 / $575
(10) – $700 / $1,100

At your home or office:
1 hour sessions
Individual / Couple
(1) – $120/$150
(5) – $575 / $700
(10) – $1,100 / $1,300

Private Group Classes:

1 hour sessions

At So Hum
Up to 5 students – $120 (indoors or out)
6-10 students – $150 (outdoors only)
$5 for each additional (outdoors only)

At your location
Up to 20 students – $150
+ $5 for each additional student

* additional charge for travel outside of Denver
Packages available.

Client Testimonials

“Nikki’s teaching combines her extensive knowledge with a clear understanding of her clients needs. My biggest take-away was learning how to slow down, relax my mind, and re-energize for whatever is next.”

Michelle King Robson, Founder & Former CEO

“Nikki helped introduce me to the world of Yoga and a practice I will pursue for the rest of my life. Her encouragement and focus on integrating mind, body and spirit has made me a better person.”

Trish P., Retired Executive

“I began sessions with Nikki as an absolute beginner. She’s incredibly patient and takes the time to skillfully help me through my challenges. Because of her fun and caring attitude, and how yoga has helped me physically – I’m hooked! I look forward to every session with her, she’s awesome!”

Jeff S., General Contractor

“This lady knows her business and is a whole lot of fun to work with.”Ed Robson, Owner and CEO, Robson Communities

“In my busy world as a Designer, Wife and Mother, yoga has been my salvation. A yoga session with Nikki is a beautiful gift that I give myself.”

Susan Kelley, Interior Designer