• Nikki Aiello

Fun with essential oils!

Grab your kids, gather some supplies, and have a wonderful time creating some soothing treats for yourselves. PERFECT FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Jessica has some GREAT ideas to share with you and she's an incredible educator. Here's a list of ingredients for the projects in the video. Peaceful Child RollerBall: 10 ml Rollerball Fractionated Coconut Oil 17 Drops Vetiver 10 D. Ylang Ylang 10 D. Lavender 7 D. Frankincense 5 D. Clary Sage 3 D. Marjoram Top w/ FCO Bath Salts: 1 C Epsom 1/4 C Magnesium flakes 2 TBS Baking Soda 1/4 c dead sea salt, himilayan salt or similar 30-40 D doTerra essential oils of choice Whisper, Clary Sage, Serenity, Black Spruce, Siberian Fir

You can also formulate your own blends for rollers, sprays, and the bath. Rollerballs, fractionated coconut oil, glass spray bottles, distilled water, salts, and essential oils can all be purchased at many natural grocery and specialty stores as well as doterra.com Please make sure to buy high-quality (pharmaceutical grade) essential oils especially since these will be applied to the skin.

Have questions for Jessica? email her at wellnessmattersinc@gmail.com

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