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7 steps to overcoming national and personal crises

On a macro level, our “United” States have been rapidly devolving into united states of crisis. Regardless of how you vote, it’s broadly understood that the past four years have surfaced an incredible amount of anger, fostered division, and disrupted the soul of our country. Then COVID arrived to a nation that was already sick and raised our existential threat to a new level. On a micro level, depending on your circumstances, stress and crisis levels vary. At the very least, you've experienced some level of anxiety, conscious or unconscious. But most of us have experienced a 2020 lifequake worthy of the Richter scale. Living and working in a recovery-centric world for over two decades, I've gained a good sense of actions to take when dealing with a crisis in order to ensure a lasting, positive outcome. 1. Stop. Do no further harm. 2. Treat. Address and treat the whole issue. 3. Recover. Create ideal conditions for healing. Allow the time and space for it. 4. Prevent. Establish a plan to prevent crisis repetition based on reflection of how you got here. 5. Envision. Conjure up a new desired reality. Dream big! 6. Develop. Build a strategy to shepherd your vision into reality. 7. Commit. Stay the course. We’ve all got work to do. If you need help doing your work right now, if you don’t feel you’re in steady physical, mental, or emotional shape, reach out to me. I’m here to help you restore balance and thrive! I specialize in steps 3-7 and have a network of professionals to help you with numbers 1 & 2. This work isn't a cakewalk, but it's a lot easier with help and worth every bit of effort. Health and happiness are our birthrights, let's reclaim them as individuals and as a nation. Schedule a free consultation, join a yoga class, get a referral for what kind of help will best suit you – whatever you need, I’m here. My big dream (Step 5) is of a united states of thriving.

* About the photo:

American Flag Kintsugi Bowl

artist: Morty Bachar, Lakeside, DE

"The art of Kintsugi is symbolic of healing and resilience. The practice of Kintsugi is known for the rebirth of damaged ceramic objects. One can consider how a person, a family, or a country might find new purpose and meaning through recovery from damage and hardship, for a greater and more beautiful tomorrow.”

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