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Coaching & Consulting

Recovery is the path to restoring life's balance after having lost it.
Life deals us harsh blows. Whether you are recovering from substance abuse or another destabilizing life experience, the same principles of holistic health (mind/body/spirit) apply - it's simply a matter of personalizing.
This is where I come in. I help you restore balance, set your sights, map out an action plan, and move forward with clarity and purpose. As your experienced guide and support, I will make sure that you not only have the tools and skills you need to create a life you love but the foundation necessary to maintain it - a new lifestyle.
I bring to the relationship 20+ years of experience in the field and practice of mind/body medicine (see bio page for more.) Most importantly, I bring zero judgment. I came to this profession after years of recovery work in my own life's derailings. I practice what I preach, I speak the language because I've lived it, and I know what works.
There are no shortcuts. Recovery is hard and can be overwhelming. An experienced guide can keep you moving forward at a steady pace and prevent you from getting lost, going around in circles, or giving up. And better yet, they can assure you that you are on the RIGHT path, one leading to the JOYFUL and INSPIRED LIFE you desire!
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     Do you desire...​


  • Clear sense of purpose and direction

  • A sustainable, healthy lifestyle

  • Confidence, strength, and stability

  • Support and accountability

  • An inspired life that you're excited to wake up to each day?



  • Clarity of values and a lifestyle that aligns with them

  • New perspectives on life and its challenges

  • Helpful strategies for overcoming obstacles 

  • Goal setting & strategizing

  • Individualized wellness & self-care plans

  • A referral network of healers & specialists

  • Unbiased reflection

  • Someone to hold you accountable

  • Unwavering support, guidance, and compassion

What you will gain through working with me:​​

In 6 months my repertoire for self-knowledge, diet, introspection, and self-love have improved tremendously thanks to Nikki's perspectives. Her disposition is incredibly kind and compassionate, while also being actionable and thought-provoking. She is more than a coach, and truly became my champion in numerous aspects of my life. I would recommend Nikki to my family, close friends, and colleagues without hesitation, and will continue working with her long term.

~ Michael Kern

Digital Transformation Consultant

In just the short time I have worked with Nikki, her deep, insightful, and skillful teaching and coaching led me swiftly from the deepest and darkest time in my life to a state of calm. The daily mindful practices bonded with the many facets of the other offering Nikki tailors for her client have been for me, by far, the most amazing transformation I have witnessed in my life.  I can offer Nikki nothing less than my highest endorsement. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. I felt more relaxed, healthier, and inspired with each session.

~ J. Morgan


Working together
Our work begins with the: 
You 2.0 - New Client Package 
6-10 weeks. 4 sessions. $1150
Comprehensive intake to be filled out and returned before our first session. This will cover your health history, current lifestyle, goals, challenges, and other personal information.

90-minute Intake Review/Strategy Development
We will dive deeper into goals, values, and obstacles, and discuss interests, resources, and logistics. We will work together in outlining your initial program, which I will flesh out further and bring to our next session.  

90-minutes - Program/Accountability/Practice
We will go over your program and establish an accountability protocol, and choose a 10-20 min personalized daily practice which I will record and send to you.

-  90-minute accountability check-in

-  90-minute accountability check-in and future plan

Clients can then continue to work with me at an hourly rate ($120/hr) or purchase a coaching/consulting package.

Sessions are held virtually via Zoom 

What a profound difference you have made, teaching proven techniques that got me through a day, then a week, then a month, then a year. The authenticity that you bring the journey of recovery instills a deep sense of calm. And the inspiration you fuel is perhaps the greatest gift of all.

 ~ Mike Braun

I am so appreciative for Nikki's kind supportive guidance. Her knowledge and expertise in nutritional and physical practices have enabled me to make the necessary adjustments to create wellness and peace. 

 ~ Brad Reed

Professional Photographer

Nikki, there aren't workds to express how life-affirming your coaching was for me. To hear your explanations of applying yogic philosophy and practice to recovery, from an experiential perspective to give me so much hope. You have incredible wisdom to share. 

 ~ Opal K.

Medical Professional

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