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“Nikki is an aboslute pleasure to spend time with. I felt more relaxed, healthier, and inspired with each session.

~ Tig Notaro


My name is Nikki Aiello. I am a certified Recovery & Life Transition Coach, Wellness Consultant, and yoga teacher. Recovery applies to more than addiction. Other major life changes like divorce, a dramatic move, job loss, a break-up, an injury or diagnosis, loss of someone close, can be destabilizing. And redesigning your lifestyle and moving forward can feel overwhelming.
I am here to help you sift through the confusion, clarify your goals, gather resources, and map out a plan to move forward with purpose and direction. Together we will design a life you love on a foundation that lasts.

Life is asking a lot of you.
You're probably asking a lot of yourself.
You don't have to do it alone.  
With continued support and accountability, I will help you to rise up, find your center, transform and move forward with purpose and direction while creating a healthy lifestyle that ensures lasting change and continued growth.  
Addressing mind, body, and spirit is essential for true healing. Expert physicians and alternative healing modalities can accellerate the recovery process. I can help you put together a wellness program with a team of vetted healers. 
Establishing and maintaining good mental, emotional, and physical health is essential in order to live a joyful life. The science Yoga supports all three. I can help you develop a practice that will serve as a solid foundation for lifelong health.

Nikki Aiello changed my life. She did so in a brilliant, positive and powerful way. By listening to me, then helping to educate me about managing certain areas of my life with a straightforward and stress-free approach, I found things that had previously seemed impossible to overcome fell away quite naturally and organically.

~ Caroline L., age 36

Lifestyle & Travel Journalist

Nikki has successfully coached me through some of the most mentally and emotionally challenging situations I've had to face throughout my health journey and it's effect on my career. She's given me tools to work with based on my own specific energies and personal needs. Her work is both action and accountability oriented. Her vast experience and incredible wisdom contributes invaluably to championing me through some very real obstacles and life changes.

~ Michael K., age 38

Digital Transformation Consultant

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